Event Name: ICII-2021
Event time: 2021/07/30 09:00:00
Regist date: 2021/04/16 00:00:00 To
2021/07/20 23:59:59 

2021 後疫情跨領域創新管理國際研討會

(ICII 2021)

730, 2021 線上舉行

步驟一 投稿
(投稿網站 https://www.focusline.com.tw/10730VA/Activities/imges/PAPERSUBMISSION2021.pdf
步驟二 拿到接受函之後 進入刷卡系統取得編號
步驟三 完成報名與註冊 (使用報名查詢,其中需要在系統中填寫你的報名order number 與身分證,查詢是否已經完成報名與繳費)

研討會將於 2021 年 7 月 30 日(星期五) 以線上方式舉行。

具體發表議程將於7/26發布於網站:全程採用Google meet

如果您被列為已被接受發表的論文的作者或共同作者,請註冊為演講者。進行註冊請使用頁面底部的選項選擇註冊欄位。 如果您對註冊有任何疑問,請發送電子郵件至 137786@mail.fju.edu.tw
研討會將於 2021 年 7 月 30 日(星期五) 以線上方式舉行。

具體發表議程將於7/26發布於網站:全程採用Google meet


一般聽眾免費 (名額有限):報名網址:https://forms.gle/wHPDa2W1DuQVJTiJA
NTD 500 (學生發表者)
NTD 3000 (一般發表者)






中華創新資訊與應用統計學會 (CAIIAS),台灣


2021 International Conference on Interdisciplinary Innovation for the Post-Epidemic Era

(ICII 2021)

(Online only, July 30, 2021)


The registration steps are as follows
Step 1 Submission
(Submission website https://www.focusline.com.tw/10730VA/Activities/imges/PAPERSUBMISSION2021.pdf
Step 2 After getting the acceptance letter, enter the credit card system to obtain the order number
(Credit Card Entry: Click "Agree" at the end of this page and enter "Individual Registration")
Step 3 Complete the registration and use registration query, which needs to fill in your registration order number and ID card in the system to check whether the registration and payment have been completed)

Presenter Registration
Register as a presenter if you are listed as the author or co-author on a paper that has been accepted for presentation. To register, select a Registration Package using the options at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions about registration please email to 137786@mail.fju.edu.tw

The conference will be held online on July 30, 2021 (Friday).
Agenda Posted on the website): July 26, 2021. Conference online will use the google meet.

*All prices are given in TWD Dollars.

Registration fee:
Free for general audience (limited spaces) register: https://forms.gle/wHPDa2W1DuQVJTiJA
NTD 500 (Student Presenters)
NTD 3000 (General Presenters)


Conference URL

Conference Video URL

Submit Paper URL

General Audience URL

---------------------------------------CO-SPONSORED BY---------------------------------------
Chinese Association of Innovation Information and Applied Statistics (CAIIAS), Taiwan
Gongguan Junior High School, Miaoli, Taiwan
Jenteh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management, Miaoli, Taiwan
Taichung Municipal Dajia Junior High School, Taichung, Taiwan




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