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2021 後疫情跨領域創新管理國際研討會

ICII 2021

7月30日, 2021 線上舉行

2021 年後疫情的跨領域創新管理國際研討會是由CAIIAS 學會與來自各領域的創新學者所發起,因疫情時代的來臨,改變了各領域的形式與內涵,對於企業管理、課程教學與評量、醫療領域、運動休閒都造成了結構性的改變。我們將藉由這次的網路研討會,思考如何在疫情期間以創新的方法,因應時代的變化。研討會將於 2021 年 7 月 30 日(星期五) 以線上方式舉行。


●   醫護管理 ●   商業行銷 ●   課程教學與評量
●   人工智慧與數據決策 ●   體育休閒 ●   數學教育
●   創意思考 ●   學校經營 ●   統計方法
●   其他創新    

最終稿件提交(摘要或完整論文):2021 年 7 月 20 日
註冊費:一般聽眾免費 (名額有限),NTD 500 (學生發表者),NTD 3000 (一般發表者)
具體發表議程將於7/26發布於網站:全程採用Google meet


發表者除具有發表證明,並可選擇撰寫英文全文收錄到期刊、並擇優頒發最佳發表獎,邀請有興趣的相關領域學者發表論文,來稿請提交含有標題,作者姓名,單位,電子郵件 、關鍵字的摘要,長度為150字(中英文皆可)。 若於2021年7月20號前繳交英文全文稿件者並經修改者可收錄於期刊(International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics與Innovative Teaching and Learning)。





中華創新資訊與應用統計學會 (CAIIAS),台灣

Call for Papers

2021 International Conference on Interdisciplinary Innovation for the Post-Epidemic Era

ICII 2021

(Online only, July 30, 2021)

This conference was initiated by CAIIAS association and scholars from various fields in Taiwan. The advent of the epidemic era has changed the form and connotation of various fields. It has caused structural changes in many fields including business management, teaching and evaluation, medical field, sports and leisure. The seminar will be held online on July 30, 2021 (Friday).



●   Medical Care Management ●    Business Marketing ●    Curriculum Teaching and Assessment
●  Artificial Intelligence and Data Decision-Making ●    Sports and Leisure ●    Mathematics Education
●    Creative Thinking ●    School Management ●    Statistical Methods
●    Other Innovations    


Complete Manuscript Submission (Abstract or full paper) July 20, 2021
Notification of Acceptance July 20, 2021

Registration Fee:
Free for general audience (limited spots), NTD 500 for student presenters, NTD 3000 for general presenters.
Agenda Posted on the website): July 26, 2021. Conference online will use the google meet.
Please submit a 150-word abstract including title, author's name, e-mail, keywords (in English or Chinese). Those who submit a complete paper may be selected for publication (International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics and Innovative Teaching and Learning).
General Audience register online: https://forms.gle/wHPDa2W1DuQVJTiJA


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